Annual Mathlympics for All Singapore Primary Schools


Results of Preliminary Round of the 13th Annual Mathlympics 2020


The Preliminary Round of the 13th Annual Mathlympics took place on 30 July 2020.

It was participated by over 2,200 pupils from Singapore schools.


Taking an online high-stake competition was a new experience for everyone and had its challenges, but we had all faced it courageously, working patiently with the technical team, who worked tirelessly very late into the night. Thank you, Tech Team.


Everyone who participated, is already a winner and a Mathlympian, simply because you took the challenge and put your best foot forward.


The top 500+ scorers from Singapore will move on to the Final Round on:


14 August from 7 pm to 9:30 pm


All Finalists will be competing for the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards, the rest who did not make it to the Final Round will get a Certificate of Participation.


Here are things to note:


1.  There will be no reminders for the Final Round. Please set your own timers and reminders and ‘turn up’ on time.


2.  The Final Round will consist of 2 sections – the Sprint Section (30 questions in a given time of 30 minutes) and the Vault Section (28 question in a given time of 2 hours). The sections are on separate timers.


3.  You are expected to refer to this website between 11-13 August for IMPORTANT final instructions.



The Mathlympics Team

3 August 2020

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