Annual Mathlympics for All Singapore Primary Schools


[1 July 2020] Dear parents, thank you for your registration with AM2020. Our examination platform ExcelSoft has emailed to you with the login details, instructions on installation of secure browser and further information on AM2020.


Please check your spam and junk folder for emails on the 1st of July. If you have not received the email please let your school teacher know by this Friday, 3rd July. Please ready your computers for the Practice Run for 20th July.

*Watch this space for urgent updates. The next scheduled announcement will be on 21 July 2020*

Due to the disruption of the usual training sessions which pupils might otherwise have attended; we have decided to make 80% of all our questions rehashed versions of questions from our past-years’ papers. This is to make the participation in the competition more meaningful by providing an avenue for pupils to learn and prepare for the competition.

[Updated 11 May 2020] We are pleased to announce that the 13th Annual Mathlympics 2020 this year will be administered via an online proctoring platform which can administer the latest technologies of Lock Down and Remote Webcam Authentication and Proctoring, so that pupils can take the competition at home, outside curriculum time, and still enable us to authenticate and ensure exam integrity.

The NEW duration, timing and mode of the preliminary and final rounds can be found here.


You may order our Past-years’ Compilation book using the online Product Order Form found here and we will mail the books to your home addresses.

Alternatively, you may access the online version to practice past 12 years papers found here and view video solutions.


We will update this section with more information on the online proctoring platform.

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