Our Programmes 
We have a wide array of events and courses to suit every level. We believe in customising each event or programme to meet individual school's specific needs. So feel free to contact Ms Pearl Tan (econnections_sg@mail.com) to have a detailed discussion.


Delightful & Enriching Courses

These courses promote an interest in Maths and develop a wonderful sense of discovery with interesting Mathematical investigations, intrigues and games. 


P1 Maths Is Fun & P2 Discovery Maths Course

Pupils explore mathematical concepts through fun, hands-on activities in stations, investigations, projects, Maths tricks, games, and visualization exercises


Tough Maths Made Easy Course (P1-4)

Pupils master thinking skills and problem solving heuristics and apply them to seemingly difficult real-life situations. Hands-on activities promote the learning of these skills and concepts and create interest in Maths.


Spatial Maths Course (P1-6)

Pupils develop spatial visualization and visual problem solving skills through the use of manipulatives. Activities are very engaging and pupils will benefit from working in pairs or peer groups.


Investigative Maths Course (P3-5)

Pupils develop metacognitive skills as they are incited to ask questions and plan how they would approach non-routine challenging problems with a repertoire of problem solving strategies.


Maths Learning Journey (P5)

Pupils embark on an interesting Maths learning journey with activities and projects to encourage appreciation of Maths, investigation and application.


Calculator Maths Course (P4/5)

Pupils learn how to use the various functions on the calculators and engage in interesting calculator activities to improve their number skills and hence develop a greater interest in Mathematics. 



Captivating & Challenging Courses

These courses expose pupils to interesting Olympiad-type questions and impart the necessary process and visual thinking skills required in solving such problems.


Problem Solving Heuristics Course (P4-6)

Pupils master a repertoire of problem solving skills and techniques that are required to solve challenging word



Maths Olympiad Training Course (P3-6)

Pupils engage in intensive training to solve challenging problems, interesting puzzles, and associated rich mathematical topics relevant to Mathematical Competitions.



Nurturing & Coaching Courses

These courses motivate pupils by creating opportunities for success, reinforce basic concepts and number skills, and train pupils in exam skills so that they can attain a higher level of performance.


Upgrading U-Graders Course (P3-6)

Pupils learn to manage undesirable learning behaviours and develop confidence as they are guided to tasks they can perform. Pupils are motivated to learn through activities using manipulatives, object lessons and classroom games


Maths Noteworthy Questions Course (P5-6)

Pupils encounter noteworthy questions which require application of concepts or interesting strategies to solve. They will also be introduced to higher-order challenging problems that will stimulate their thinking and problem solving skills


Equipping for PSLE Courses

These courses prepare and equip pupils of different achievement bands to excel in PSLE through our differentiated, effective, no-nonsense coursework.


P5 Year End Head-start Course

Pupils will re-encounter concepts and topics covered in P5, but extended to the next level of complexity to prepare them for PSLE. Differentiated coursework are available for 3 ability groups: Higher Ability, Middle Ability, Lower Ability.


High Achievers Course (P5/6)

To help higher achieving pupils (A or A* graders) prepare for the PSLE by equipping them with problem solving strategies to handle challenging non-routine problems in Section C. Problems will involve higher order application of mathematical concepts, spatial visualisation and perspective, and understanding and applying strategies


Our Events


  • Professional Training Programme for Teachers

  • Empowerment Programmes for Parents

  • Equipping Primary 5 cohorts annually with calculator skills using Casio calculators

  • Annual Mathlympics For All Singapore Primary Schools in collaboration with ACS (Independent) and Casio (S) Pte Ltd

  • Maths & Thinking Day

  • P1 Orientation Programme

  • Happy Cube Challenge

Our Publications

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Using Your Calculator Effectively


Through this book, we help pupils discover how to navigate around the different functions of their calculators, understand mathematical concepts in various types of questions and how to solve elegant Mathlympics 

questions taken from previous Annual Mathlympics competitions.



Annual Mathlympics 10-Year Compilation (2008 - 2017)

This book is a compilation of the Annual Mathlympics for All Singapore Primary Schools held for the past 10 years.

It contains both the questions and solutions for the preliminary rounds and both the sprint and vault sections of the final rounds, which can be used for revision and preparation of future Mathlympics.