Annual Mathlympics for All Singapore Primary Schools

UPDATED: 7 February 2021



This competition is solely organized by Learners’ Connections Pte Ltd.

It is a school-based competition as in previous years. Registration must be through our local schools only. Pupils will not be able to register as private candidates.


Registration will close on 12 March 2021. There will be no extension.



1.    Details of Competition  

Format of the Paper in the Preliminary Round

Participants will sit for a written paper for the Preliminary Round at their respective schools. The written mode is the mode that pupils are most comfortable with, hence it would be most fair to assess the majority of participants in this mode. In addition, this mode allows certain types of responses to be given by participants which would not be possible in the digital on-line mode. These responses include drawings and multiple answers for some open-ended questions.


Duration: 1.5 hours (28 open-ended questions)

Questions 1 to 10:       2 marks each    

Questions 11 to 20:    4 marks each             

Questions 21 to 28:    5 marks each


The top 250 local participants from the Preliminary Round will be admitted to the Final Round to compete for the Gold and Silver Awards. The next 250 local participants will be awarded the Bronze Award. Participants who qualify for the Bronze award (251st to 500th positions) WILL NOT take part in the Final Round. The remaining participants will receive our Certificate of Participation.


Format of Final Papers

The Final Round will be administered online as it will probably still not be safe to bring 250 participants into a common venue. Participants will take the competition in their own homes. Registrants must be aware that should they qualify to compete in the Final Round, they MUST have access to a computer (Windows or Mac,) with webcam facilities and stable internet access at home. Tablets will not be suitable.

Please see Machine Requirements at:


Duration: 2 hours

First 1.5 hours (28 open-ended questions)

Subsequent 0.5 hours (30 open-ended Questions)

Questions 1 to 10:       2 marks each    

Questions 11 to 20:    4 marks each             

Questions 21 to 28:    5 marks each

Questions 29 to 59:    1 mark each


Finalists will have access to an on-screen scientific calculator.

Participants may also use their own calculators.


Marks will be awarded for correct answers only. There will be no deduction of marks for errors for both the Preliminary and the Final Round. All decisions made by the organizers and judges will be final.


No arrangements will be made for an alternative sitting. Finalists who are absent from the Final Round will be awarded the Bronze Award.


The top 100 participants from the subsequent Final Round will be awarded Gold Awards while the             remaining 150 participants will receive Silver Awards. International participants with equivalent scores will also be likewise awarded.


Being a school-based Competition, schools with the highest number of Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, as well as overall medal counts will receive trophies and cash prizes. These trophies and prizes are given in recognition of the support, training and encouragement that they had given to their school pupils.



2.    Certificates and Prizes


Our competition is a high-stake competition because its certificate has implications for placement into schools. As such, on the reverse side of our Certificate, we will indicate information that reflects the competition’s rigour, such as the total number of participants for the year and the criteria for the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.


Gold Award Medals and Certificates will be awarded to the top 100 of the finalists.

Silver Award Certificates will be awarded to the next 150 of the finalists.

Bronze Award Certificates will be awarded to the top 251st to 500th participants from the Preliminary Round.

All other participants will be awarded a Certificate of Participation.


Schools will be ranked according to the tally of Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, in that order, obtained by their students. The top 3 schools will receive trophies and cash awards. The top 3 schools, not including the 3 schools already receiving prizes, with the highest medal count will each receive a School Distinction Trophy for the school.                                                                                                                                          


Champion School:     Cash prize, 1 trophy for the school and the Challenge Trophy

1st Runner-Up:           Cash prize and 1 trophy for the school

2nd Runner-Up:         Cash prize and 1 trophy for the school


School Distinction:  Top 3 schools (excluding Champion and Runner-Up schools) with highest medal count, 1 School Distinction Trophy for each school


The Champion School shall keep the Challenge Trophy and shall return it to Learners’ Connections Pte Ltd for the next competition. The Challenge Trophy shall be kept permanently by the school which emerges champion in three consecutive years.


Individual Prizes will be awarded to the overall top 3 participants, in addition to the top 3 participants of each of the 4 school zones.


3.    Information for Parents 


By registering for the competition, Parents of Participants are deemed to have read the Permission and Pledge below and are willing to comply with its terms when they become applicable. They will also be required to submit an email address (for generation of User ID) and mobile contact numbers (for efficient communication on technical issues for online competition) through your school.



As the Parent of the participant, if my child qualifies for the online Final Round,


  • I give permission for the use of the Auto-Lock-Down and Remote Webcam Proctoring features on my device, understanding that

    • The webcam will be activated by Artificial Intelligence to take several photo-shots of the face of my child at irregular intervals during the period;

    • Only the organizers will review the footage and will not release or circulate any of the footage to anyone under any circumstances.

  • I pledge that I will not allow a recording of the competition to be made or make copies of the competition questions through any means (including hand-copying).

  • I pledge to set an example of honesty and integrity to my child and accept the responsibility to strictly and faithfully abide by the stipulations and procedures outlined above.

4.    Preparing for the competition


Participation in the competition is more meaningful if participants have an avenue to learn and prepare.

You may access this Exemplar Paper (Preliminary Round 2018) to try out.


You may use our Product Order Form to order the printed compilations of the past papers.


Alternatively, you may access our partners’ online platforms. These platforms carry our past Preliminary & Final Rounds Papers and can be used to personalise worksheets for practice, provide strength/weakness analytics etc. You may browse to decide if you would like to purchase an account at:


Disclaimer: Learners' Connections does not control, and is not responsible for, the quality of their content, or the learner experience.

5.    Awards Ceremony


Details to be determined at a later date.