Frequently asked questions

Registration Enquiry

Can I register my P3 child for Annual Mathlympics?

Yes, you can register your child through his/her school. He/she will sit for the same paper as the rest of the students.

How can I register my child if the school is not participating?

We only accept registration through schools.

How do I register?

Local Singapore schools will receive an official invite to register their students.

Awards & Ceremony

My child attained a gold/silver/bronze award, what does that mean?

Gold Award Medals and Certificates will be awarded to the top 100 finalists.

Silver Award Certificates will be awarded to the remaining 150 finalists.

Bronze Award Certificates will be awarded to the 250th to 500th top Preliminary Round participants

Do I attend to the Awards Ceremony?

More details will be made known at a later date.

Competition Format

How many rounds of competition are there?

Two. The Preliminary Round for all school registered participants. Qualified students will be invited to the Final Round.

What is the format of the competition?

Please refer to details of the competition here.

Is my child allowed to use a calculator?

Not for the Preliminary Round. For the Final Round participants may use a scientific calculator. Note that there will be an on-screen scientific calculator, so you do not need to buy one just for the competition. If you prefer to use your own calculator, you may do so.