Annual Mathlympics for All Singapore Primary Schools

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The Annual Mathlympics for all Singapore Primary Schools was inaugurated in 2008, jointly organised by Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Learners' Connections Pte Ltd and Casio (Singapore) Pte Ltd. It is an original idea inspired by athletics and it is the first Mathematical Olympiad in Singapore which allows participants to use calculators.





  1. To create excitement and enthusiasm in Mathematics among Primary School students through a competition that is of a high standard.

  2. To provide deserving students with a prestigious achievement record for their portfolio.

  3. To introduce to the educational arena a mathematical competition that allows students to use the calculator, in keeping with the current educational trend.

  4. To release, as a form of enrichment Mathematics resources to the Primary Schools, the publication of competition questions and detailed solutions, which they could use to engage particular pupils or the student body at large.


The Annual Mathlympics 2019


This Competition is open to all students enrolled in Primary 4 and 5 in the local schools in 2019.

Topics covered in this Competition can be found in Annex A (PDF) and the Scope of Competition (PDF) documents below.


Details for this year's Competition are as follows:




The Preliminary Round is scheduled as follows:


Date :       25th July 2019, Thursday
Time :      2.00 pm to 3.30 pm
Venue :    Participating schools’ own premises


Other details, including format and mark allocations, may be found in Annex A (PDF), below.




Only the top 25% participants or the top 500 participants, whichever is lower, will qualify to compete for the awards of Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Final Round. Finalists who are absent from the Final Round will be awarded the Certificate of Merit.


Date :     21st September 2019, Saturday
Time :    9.00 am to 11.00 am
Venue :  Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Auditorium 2 (IB Block)


This Round consists of both the Vault Event (28 questions) and the Sprint Event (30 questions).

Use of calculators is ALLOWED (Casio calculators will be provided).

More details, including mark allocations, may be found in Annex A (PDF), below.



The ceremony will be opened to staff representatives of all participating schools and all finalists.


Date :    19th October 2019, Saturday
Time :   9.00 am to 10.00 am
Venue : Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Centre for Performing Arts 1




Awards for Participants


Gold Award Medals and Certificates will be awarded to the top 20% of the finalists.

Silver Award Certificates will be awarded to the next 25% of the finalists.

Bronze Award Certificates will be awarded to the remaining finalists.


Certificate of Merit will be awarded to finalists who were absent from the Final Round.


All other participants will be awarded the Certificate of Participation.


Individual Prizes will be awarded to the overall top 3 participants, in addition to the top 3 participants of each of the 4 school zones.


Awards for Schools


The top 3 schools (by award tally rankings) will receive trophies and cash awards!

Also, 3 other schools with the highest medal count will receive a School Distinction Trophy each!


The Champion School shall also receive the honour of holding the Challenge Trophy!


Details of these prizes, including cash amounts to be won, may be found in Annex A (PDF), below.



Download Files:

1. Annex A: Mathlympics Details 2019 (PDF, 43 KB) – DOWNLOAD.

2. Scope of Competition (PDF, 31 KB) - DOWNLOAD.





For schools intending to register student participants for this Competition:

Kindly refer to the Registration Details (PDF) and fill in the requisite forms (DOC) below.


Download Files:

1. Annex B: Registration Instructions 2019 (PDF, 101 KB) – DOWNLOAD.

2. Annex C: Registration Form 2019 (DOC, 44 KB) - DOWNLOAD.

3. Annex D: Proctor Acknowledgement Form 2019 (DOC, 34 KB) – DOWNLOAD.



Product Orders


If you would like to purchase our Annual Mathlympics 10-Year Compilation (from 2008 to 2017), or our new book, Using Your Calculator Effectively, kindly download the Product Order Form and follow the instructions found within the Form.


Download Files:

Product Order Form (PDF, 32 KB) – DOWNLOAD.



Download 2018 Papers & Answers


If you would like a copy of the 2018 Prelim Papers and solutions, please click on the links below:

1. Prelim Paper, Mathlympics 2018: Questions (PDF, 259 KB) - DOWNLOAD

2. Prelim Paper, Mathlympics 2018: Solutions (PDF, 276 KB) - DOWNLOAD



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