Our Programmes 

We are taking the bold step to empower schools with the material we have developed over all these years. We will license schools to use our material and we also conduct training sessions so that teachers are empowered to use these materials.


By empowering the school teachers to use our material with their own pupils, and during the time which works best for all parties, we hope to minimize disruptions and inefficiencies so as to optimize the learning outcomes of the pupils.

Visual & Spatial Intelligence Programmes (P1-6)

This activity-based series of programmes is built on the premise that children learn Spatial and Math concepts best through hands-on experience with concrete objects. It translates the belief that manipulatives offer an innovative and effective approach to learning Math into meaningful learning experiences for pupils. The manipulatives which pupils will work with include Pattern Blocks, Pentominoes, Geoboards, Soma Cubes and many more.

There is a programme to cater to each of the six levels from P1 to P6. Each programme consists of 3 x 1.5h lessons.

Escape with Math Programmes (P5-6)

We have put together a suspense-laden storyline, with Math-related clues and logic puzzles, and props to create an Escape Room Experience which allow pupils to develop 21st Century Competencies —— to be both a self-directed learner as well as an active contributor, to think independently and critically, to communicate effectively, to collaborate effectively in a team, to exercise initiative, to take calculated risks and strive for excellence.

We hope to be able to explain our plans in greater detail with you. We look forward to an opportunity to discuss the needs of your school and how we might be of service. Feel free to contact Mrs Pearl Tan (econnections_sg@mail.com) for more details.