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Both Mathympics Competitions, the Annual Mathympics and the Visual-Spatial Mathlympics are conducted in the Written-Paper mode in ONE round


In response to the rising number of Primary 6 pupils applying to secondary schools via DSA, we launched a new and exciting competition for Primary 6 (and below) pupils in 2022. The Visual-Spatial Mathlympics is a concept competition that poses carefully curated questions that draws on the overarching theme of Visual-Spatial Intelligence and Mathematics, and which will give pupils an achievement to add to their portfolio, especially if they are looking to applying to schools offering Math, STEM or STEAM for their DSA.  

We want to help foster a new generation of spatially literate pupils who are proficient and established in thinking spatially, being able to approach problems through their knowledge of concepts of space and the appropriate processes of spatial reasoning.

The Annual Mathympics is an original idea that was inspired by athletics. It comprises two segments. The Vault segment contains challenging questions which put the mathematical prowess of our mathlympians to the test. The Sprint segment is a speed round where our mathlympians have to solve as many questions as they can, quickly and accurately.

The 2nd Visual-Spatial Mathlympics 2023  took place on 18 April 2023. 
results have been released to the schools on 2 May 2023.


16th Annual Mathympics 2023 took place on 6 July 2023.

The results have been released to the schools on 31 Juy 2023.


Both the Annual Mathlympics and the Visual Spatial Mathlympics are school-based competitions. Pupils will not be able to register as private individual participants.

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