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About Us


Started in 1993, our services include supporting and promoting interest in Mathematics and development of customised programmes to challenge pupils to excel. Through our publications, courses and training programmes, we impact thousands of pupils annually.


Established for over three decades now, we have come a long way. We have helped weaker students; we have inspired brilliant ones; little ones in P1 and older ones in P6. It gives us great satisfaction working shoulder to shoulder with the teachers on various projects to see students becoming more interested in learning and closer to realising their fullest potential.  

Our Mission

Enriching Lives, Empowering Minds 
We are committed to provide reliable, high quality, enriching and empowering services in partnership with our clients so as to achieve excellence in education and training. 

Our Key Initiatives

  • Provision of quality courseware

  • Continuous improvement and keeping abreast with the latest trends in education technology

Our Team








Ms Pearl Tan

M.Ed. (NIE/NTU) / B.Ed. (USQ)

Ms Pearl Tan is the Founder, Education Consultant and Managing Director of Learners' Connections Pte Ltd. She has been serving the education community through publications, events and camps, workshops for parents, teacher training sessions and school courses for children for over 30 years.

Aaron Tan, Ed.D.

Ed.D. (Dunelm) / M.Sc. (NUS) 

Ms Liu Yueh Mei

M.A. (Stanford) / M.Ed. (NIE/NTU) 

Academic Consultant

Corporate Consultant

Ms Joy Lee

B.Sc. (NUS) 

Administrations Manager

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