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Visual Spatial Mathlympics 2023



In response to the rising number of Primary 6 pupils applying to secondary schools via DSA, we offer Primary 6 pupils with an opportunity to participate in our 2nd Visual-Spatial Mathylmpics 2023 and to add this achievement to their portfolio, especially if they are looking to applying to schools offering Math, STEM or STEAM for their DSA.
Registration will commence in late January.


The Visual-Spatial Mathlympics is a concept competition that poses carefully curated questions that draws on the overarching theme of Visual-Spatial Intelligence and Mathematics.


We hope to help to foster a new generation of spatially literate pupils who are proficient and established in thinking spatially, being able to approach problems through their knowledge of concepts of space and the appropriate processes of spatial reasoning.


Participants must be in Primary 6 or below of a participating Primary school in 2023.

All participants will take the same paper.


All questions draw on the overarching theme of Visual-Spatial Cognition within the content areas of

  • Fractions, Percentage, Ratio in 2D figures, 3D solids

  • Area, Perimeter and Volume

  • 2D & 3D Perspectives

  • Symmetry, Rotation of 2D figures and 3D solids

  • Nets

  • Area, Perimeter of Circles

  • Angles Properties (including Circles)

  • Measures and Measurement

  • Rate and Speed


Details of Event 

Date        : 18 April 2023, Tuesday

Time        : 2.00 pm to 3.30 pm

Mode       : Written Paper

Venue      : Participating schools’ own premises


Format and Duration

Duration: 1.5 hours 

Section A: (5 MCQ questions of 2 marks each)

Section B: (5 open-ended questions of 3 marks each)

Section C: (5 open-ended questions of 4 marks each)

Section D: (5 open-ended questions of 5 marks each)

Section E: (5 open-ended questions of 6 marks each)

Calculators may NOT be used.

Marks will be awarded for correct answers only. There will be no deduction of marks for wrong answers or unattempted questions. All decisions made by the organizers and judges will be final.


Preparing for the Competition 

Participation in the competition is more meaningful if participants have an avenue to learn and prepare.

Pupils may access a free Visual Mathlympics Exemplar Paper (with Answers) here.

To order the printed Visual Spatial Mathlympics 2022 paper and solutions, click here.


Certificates and Prizes

Gold Award Medals and Certificates will be awarded to the top 5% of the participants.
Gold Distinction Award Medals and Certificates will be awarded to the top 10 participants amongst the Gold Award winners.

Silver Award Medals and Certificates will be awarded to the next 7.5% of the participants.

Bronze Award Medals and Certificates will be awarded to the next 12.5% of the participants.

Certificates of Participation will be awarded to all the remaining participants.


Being a school-based Competition, schools with the highest number of Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, as well as overall medal counts will receive trophies and cash prizes. These trophies and prizes are given in recognition of the support, training and encouragement that they had given to their school pupils.                                                                                                                                      

Champion School:     Cash prize, 1 trophy for the school and the Challenge Trophy

1st Runner-Up:           Cash prize and 1 trophy for the school

2nd Runner-Up:         Cash prize and 1 trophy for the school


School Distinction:  The top school (excluding Champion and Runner-Up schools) with highest medal count will receive a School Distinction Trophy.


The Champion School shall keep the Challenge Trophy and shall return it to Learners’ Connections Pte Ltd for the next competition. The Challenge Trophy shall be kept permanently by the school which emerges champion in three consecutive years.


Individual Prizes will be awarded to the overall top 3 participants.



A percentage of our proceeds will be donated to this support through SingHealth Duke-NUS Paediatric Academic Clinical Programme – CCF-Psychosocial and Supportive Care for Paediatric Oncology Programme

Awards Ceremony

Trophies, medals, certificates and cash prizes will be delivered to respective schools in May. 


The Mathlympics Competitions Awards Ceremony will be held in August. Invites for this Ceremony will be given to Teacher-representatives of all participating schools and participants who have received Individual Prizes. At this Ceremony, the donation mentioned above, will be presented to a representative from KK Women's and Children's Hospital and SingHealth DukeNUS.

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